Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kay Francis

Kay Francis was a "superstar". While not as readily known today as other superstar actresses of the 30's era, her name was box office gold and she was the highest paid actress at Warner Bros. There are a number of web sites and blogs dedicated to her, detailing her life and films, and I leave it to them to provide the career details. A quick overview can be found here.

As with my other superstar actress posts, we concentrate on the images. Our random collection of film magazines of the period includes nine with Kay on the cover, another indication of her popularity. I also feature images from those magazines that Kay fans may not have seen before. Lastly is a little montage of her 30's films and publicity stills. Enjoy.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Screen Play, February 1931 - Artist: Henry Clive

Picture Play, February 1931 - Artist: Modest Stein

Silver Screen, March 1931 - Artist: John Rolston Clarke

Photoplay, July 1932 - Artist: Earl Christy

Cine-Mundial, June 1933 - Artist: Jose M. Recorda

Modern Screen, December 1933 - Artist: Uncredited

Picture Play, February 1934 - Artist: Albert Fisher

Photoplay, February 1934 - Artist: Earl Christy

Screenland, March 1934 - Artist: Charles Sheldon

Movie Classic, September 1932

Modern Screen, November 1933

Movie Classic, April 1933 - 2 page spread.

Modern Screen, December 1933 - 2 page spread.

Picture Show Annual, 1933

Movie Classic, June 1934

Here is my montage of film title screens and publicity stills. All the films are from the 1930's with the exception of The Cocoanuts (1929), the first film for the Marx Brothers, and for Kay as well.

Kay Francis - What do you think - Allure?


Vanwall said...

Kay had more allure in her little finger than most actresses had in their entire bodies - she had something onscreen that was singularly her own. Her look was unlike any other, as well. An excellent post, with wonderful images.

A said...

Fabulous post. Kay Francis is one of the actresses that deserves more respect

Mark said...

I always enjoyed her program films with Powell, and the heavier stuff opposite Bogart. She was a gem, and is even more under-appreciated than Irene Dunne.

Anonymous said...

So glad that like Norma Shearer and Marion Davies that TCM has given her career another comeback...

tera said...

I found your blog today via IMDB and I just wanted to tell you it's fabulous! I think I've spent about an hour on it already!:)

Rupert said...

Super post! I am appreciating Kay Francis more and more with each passing year. These are some GREAT images, capturing the "allure" and glamour that Kay exudes out of every pore.